Facebook Reviews

Sonia S.
Dr. Shah is great! I had a lot of pain in my tooth right before I was traveling outside of the country. And she made sure I followed the proper guidelines and she even called me to make sure I was ok! Thanks, Dr. Shah, the pain stopped after two days as you mentioned.

Luis V.
Dr. Shah is not the best dentist around she is the best dentist in all NJ

Kelvin O.
My experience here at Dr. Jyoti Shah's office has been incredible the staff is nice and listens to your opinion, also respect your decision. Best of all they helped me smile again. Thank You

Angelica C.
If you want to see The BEST DENTIST in No Brunswick, that is Dr. Joyti Shah.

Martice P.
Definitely the best dentist I've ever been to. The people are nice and very helpful. I've enjoyed this place every time I have gone there.

Gail G.
I was so blessed Dr. Shah is caring her staff is attentive to your needs and she calls text e-mail when your next appointment..even if you don't respond she is relentless..and I thank her for caring

Tyasia M.
My dentist appointment today was awesome. I got my first filling... At first, I was a little skeptical and anxious because I thought I would have to get novocaine and lord knows I do not like needles. So Dr.Jyoti made a promise to me that she will not use a needle to numb my mouth and everything will be alright and what do you know, everything was alright! I HAVE THE BEST DENTIST EVER. One thing for sure, Dr. Jyoti R. Shah keeps her promises.

Vinroy B.
Phenomenal staff- highly qualified and very welcoming. I would recommend Dr. Shah to anybody! Truly feel at home here!

Marc D.
Great staff and high-quality caring dentistry! Recommend highly to anyone!

Demetria F.
I had the most pleasant dentist experience of my life. Dr. Jyoti Shah, DDS, and the staff were awesome. The atmosphere is so relaxing, very clean, and its decor is beautiful. When you walk in you are immediately greeted by Gabby, there are light refreshments in the waiting area, light music, and reading material about dental care and diseases. Not to mention, when the dental assistants show you your teeth as well as your x-ray right in front of you on a monitor. I came in for a cracked tooth and Dr. Shah explained what she was doing the entire time I sat in her chair. Also, she provided me with glasses so I wouldn't get water in my eyes and a disposable suction guard. I felt so comfortable and at ease because I was given a mirror to look at what Dr. Shah was doing.  I like the fact that she was very attentive as well as willing to explain everything in detail. I wish I found her sooner than later. I give this dental office 5 stars and two thumbs up. If you're looking for a new dentist please check them out I highly recommend them based on my first time!

Danielle H.
I came for an emergency appointment last Tuesday. I thought it was a bad tooth, but no, my gums. Everything about my visit from walking in being greeted, promptly being seen, was all that I needed during this discomfort. I also had low blood sugar, that Dr. Shah and Gabby gave me immediate attention. Both ladies were very patient with me during that time and made sure all was well before I left the office. I'm still being seen, it is a process for my gums to become healthy again and Dr. Shah has assured me that they will. I recommend All to see her if any dental needs, need to be met.

Deniz S.
I have been having the most pleasant experience with Dr.Jyoti R. Shah Dental office over the past two years! The Staff is great, friendly and very informative! Am a little scared when going to the dentist due to my past experiences but I can truly say am always treated like family. I am so grateful to Dr.Jyoti R. Shah for helping me to have a healthier smile! I highly recommend this dental office to my family and friends!

Eileen C.
I had an appt with Dr. Shah and was pleasantly surprised that instead of walking into a typical dentist's office, I felt like I was walking into a spa!   The apple scent, art on the walls, relaxing music inside and outside, bottled water available in the waiting room, and friendly staff....it was terrific!  Highly recommend!

Corey E.
She is gentle and kind, very understanding of your needs, and very professional. And might I add too, she's a very beautiful lady. She explains her procedure clearly. She'll give you her best opinion...if you inquire. Once you do business with her, every other person that practices her type of business will become obsolete. Truly, she is awesome! She's my dental dentist for the rest of my life.

Maria P.
Dr. Shah and her team are the absolute best! I have been coming to Dr. Shah for many years and have recommended her to many people. She and her team are so kind and thoughtful. Dr. Shah always shares information with me to help me continue to keep my teeth and gums healthy. If you make an appointment to see her you’ll be doing yourself a favor and will not be disappointed!

Dayana T.
I have been going to Dr. Shah for years and her service has always been excellent. Her staff is welcoming, courteous, and professional (especially Gabby). Madea is the best hygienist I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  She is caring, gentle, and very thorough. Based on the level of care I have received over the years from Dr. Shah and her team I highly recommend her practice!

Linda M.
Yes, highly recommended. I came almost every 3 months and always have the best experience and special occasion for each visit. Today is valentine’s day theme. Thank you, Dr. Shah and team. Can't wait for my next visit.

Yelp Reviews

Trish P.
Thank you Dr.Shah for taking care of my teeth for being patient. I know I'm not a good patient when it comes to dental work, but after my first visit to Dr. Shah, I have confidence and trust her to work on my teeth. You are talented with cosmetic work, I have finally found my dentist after having tried a few different ones but was never happy. I'm looking forward to seeing you again on my next visit.

Melinda K.
I found Dr. Shah's office after an extensive Yelp search to bring my partner who is absolutely terrified of the dentist.  The glowing reviews, informative website, and ability to communicate via text message for appointments are what got us through the door.
I mentioned my partner's fear which resulted in her not going to the dentist in almost 10 years (!) during the initial phone call to make an appointment. The entire staff was understanding, thoroughly explained everything step by step to ensure my partner was 100% comfortable throughout the entire process.
Dr. Shah's ability to connect with her patients, the family-like dynamic with the entire staff, and the overwhelming amount of knowledge the entire team has are why I would recommend Dr. Shah's office to anyone! I couldn't be more grateful that my partner is no longer afraid to go to the dentist because of Dr. Shah and her amazing team!

Sheila G.
So here I am, 2750 miles from home, and what happens? I break a tooth. I've been gone a long time and no longer have a dentist here. I found Dr. Shah on Yelp. I thought for sure she was my former neighbor, but she wasn't. That Twilight Zone experience is a story for another time.
The office is spotless and homey. There are fruit and bottled water in the waiting room, and the staff is so friendly and welcoming, especially Gaby at the front desk. Dr. Shah came out to introduce herself and meet me in person before I was taken back to the treatment room. Before the requisite x-rays (and photos, which surprised me) were done, she went over my health history with me personally, which some doctors don't even do, let alone dentists.
I will need a crown, and when I asked about the advantages and disadvantages of waiting to have it done when I get home - which may be several months from now, and there may be some major financial considerations between the two - she"ll let me know what they are.
I'm so pleased that a) I didn't try to find out if my old dentist was still in practice, and b) that Dr. Shah DIDN'T turn out to be my former neighbor! This is a very well-run office, and Dr. Shah seems to be a great dentist.

Niheema G.
As a new patient, I found the experience to be good for my entire family. My two-year-old was very cooperative with the staff and they took their time and were patient and gentle with him. If you are on the fence, it's worth a try. Plus it was pretty easy to get an appointment.

Yuna H.
My boyfriend and I came to Dr. Shah's office today. Dr. Shah is a very nice, patient dentist, and she was passionate about her patients. We were first-time visitors and we were greatly helped by her assistant, Gabby. She is an amazing medical officer! They cared about my boyfriend's bleeding gums and also cleaned his infectious teeth.

Oak S.
My entire experience with Dr. Shah and her team was unlike any dental visit I've had so far.
The office is clean, peaceful, and comfortable.
Dr. Shah greeted me in the waiting room and introduced herself with a smile.
She was easy to talk to and provided new healthcare information that I have not heard from other practitioners before.
The expert hygienist also taught me new things. She provided very clear explanations and allowed me to follow her with a mirror through her routine so I could see everything she was talking about as she assessed. She did not rush and paid close attention to my comfort level throughout the visit.
There was a great emphasis on finding out what I did not like about my smile and choosing a way to fix it. Using some of the latest technology another hygienist scanned my whole mouth instead of having to take impressions. She provided a calm and educational experience as well.
Once it was time to get numbed up and have the drilling started, Dr. Shah explained everything to me before she did it. She also provided a mirror for me to follow along as she worked which made the experience a lot less scary. I'm used to it feeling like there's something so crazy and horrible happening in my mouth while a dentist works but when I was able to actually see what was going on, it cut that feeling right out.
When everyone explains things to you nicely and clearly and always asks if it's okay to do something before they do it, it makes the dentist experience actually enjoyable.
I am so happy and thankful to have found this dental practice. I would highly recommend you put your trust in Dr. Shah and her team. They have a work ethic that keeps you feeling like they're giving you their best and that your oral health and comfort are their #1 priority.
Thank you, Dr. Shah and the rest of the team!

Alpa P
I have been coming to Dr. Shah for over a decade. She did my braces many moons ago. I have moved to Maryland since then but after many failed attempts to find a dentist as gentle as Dr. Shah, I will drive to New Jersey for Dr. Shah twice a year. I really cannot recommend Dr. Shah and her staff enough. They are amazing.

Mallory W.
Dr. Shah has been our family dentist for many years now. This is after a long trial and error process with other dentists. We would never go anywhere else.  Not only is she extremely thorough with her work, but she is also very kind and comforting. Her staff, Gabby and Jessinia are also wonderful. Highly recommended if you want an honest and talented dentist.

Allison K.
I went here without having any idea how it would go, based solely on a yelp deal because it's been years since I've been to the dentist and I had an obvious cavity I needed to take care of. I also have really soft teeth so I was sure there would be several more that weren't visible to me, and I had a little money to spare finally and some time to take care of it.
Everyone here was extremely nice and Dr. Shah was great about explaining everything along the way and checking in on how I was feeling. She offered me breaks fairly often in case I needed them (as I wound up getting a total of eight cavities filled over a few visits). Often, great dentists I have been to have lousy receptionists or hygienists. But across the board, everyone here was both friendly and welcoming and, more importantly, great at their jobs.
Since it's been a while since I had cavities filled I'm not sure how much of this technology is standard now, but these new fillings are completely invisible to the eye, matched perfectly to blend in with the tooth, unlike older fillings. I also really appreciated the video technology that let me see more clearly where the issues were when she was doing the initial examination and it helps a lot when being instructed in where you might be missing when you brush or floss.
They also showed me the options for whitening once but when it was clear this wasn't something I could afford to pursue there was no hard sell going on either, which I really appreciate and isn't always the case in places with cosmetic options.
I don't live local anymore but when I have problems (and money) again I will probably go out of my way to travel here to take care of them.

Nadalie P.
Very nice office staff. Gaby is very helpful. Dr. Shah is very thorough and explains EVERYTHING, which is rare & a wonderful bonus. No pain at all. An excellent choice for keeping up with your Dental Care.

Tung N.
I have been in NJ for 14 years, and in that time, I have gone to five dentists. They were always wrong for me in one way or another. Too dismissive of my pain intolerance, doing unnecessary procedures, too physically rough in handling my mouth during cleaning, over or under gassing me... At the end of the day, I could not trust many of them with my teeth, my wallet, or my serenity in their office. On the other hand, Dr. Jyoti Shah has been my best yelp find of the year. She has a great network of specialists to refer me to for several complex issues I have. Her holistic dental health approach is so well thought out and my teeth have not been this happy and healthy in years. Her assistants are friendly and helpful. I enjoy going to see the dentist now because my time with her is spent talking about how we can work together to make sure my teeth last a lifetime as opposed to other dentists whom I felt were planning for the demise of my teeth so they can milk my dental plan (and my wallet) for every last penny. Try her out. You won't regret it. She is awesome!!! My wife and son are now her patients too!!!

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