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As adults, we’ve certainly earned that nice glass of red wine in the evening, or that amazing berry dessert at dinner with friends. But we’re also earning the stripes on our teeth with every glassful and bite of some of our favorite things. Chances are, if it stains your tongue, it’s leaving a lasting impression on your teeth, too. If you’ve noticed yellowed or stained teeth, talk to Dr. Shah about the safest cosmetic dentistry available - teeth whitening.

In-Office Teeth Whitening
Restore your smile in about an hour with the Rembrandt Whitening system! Using a clinically advanced gel activated by a plasma arc light, you see immediate results. In just a single appointment, patients enjoy a smile that’s up to 10 shades whiter. Easy, safe, and extremely effective, Rembrandt is a proven method for whitening even the toughest stains.

At-Home Whitening
Whiter teeth while you watch your favorite TV show or read your new book? Absolutely! You can whiten your teeth almost anywhere and still get the great results you’d see in our office. We’ll provide you with custom fit trays and a professional grade solution that you’ll wear 1-2 hours per day for about two weeks. You’ll see whiter teeth immediately, with dramatic results by the end of your treatment.

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