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We treat our patient with one simple rule, and that is, “WIDIOM…. Would I do it on me?”

We’re thrilled that you’ve made the decision to visit us! Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted by one of our team members and if you like, they will give you a tour of our office. To start, you and I (Dr. Shah) or our expert hygienist will discuss your dental concerns. If you are in pain or have any other urgent dental concerns, we will do our very best to take care of it. If you do not have any emergency concerns than I recommend we start your care with complete examination. During exam, I will look for all dental condition that can become worst or contribute to the pre-existing medical conditions. As you may know people with certain health conditions are more prone to gum disease and loss of teeth. We will take necessary x-ray and intra-oral diagnostic photos to help screen for conditions and communicate all the findings.

After the comprehensive exam, I will reveal all your conditions and recommend complete care. Now, there may be some conditions that you aren’t concerned about and whether you choose to treat them is your Choice. But you see, I don’t have a choice, I have the responsibility of recommending complete care. How you proceed with treatment is always your choice. For those conditions that you choose to treat, I recommend scheduling phased treatment in fewest number of appointments possible.

Oral Hygiene:

We are committed to helping you maintain optimum oral health. During your preventive dental cleanings (or periodontal care if needed), our hygienist will go over oral hygiene information, and techniques that can be used at home to improve/maintain excellent home care.

So again, welcome to our practice! I assure you that we put our patient’s safety and comfort first. We will take grate care of you—I’ll see you soon.

Tell us about you:

Please tell us what are your dental concerns, your long-term goals for your health, your teeth, your smile? Kindly take some time before your visit and fill out the new patient forms.

Click the link below to download the forms or You can print and fill them out prior to your first appointment.

New Patient’s forms
Are you Snoring while Sleeping?
Does you child sleep with mouth open?
Do you have TMJ/TMD or Clicking/Popping joints?

Dental Insurances:

We have many patients that have dental insurances to cover a portion of their dental treatment. We work with hundreds of dental insurance companies and we accept most insurances! For detail about your insurance coverage please provide us with your insurance plan information and employee benefit summary if possible. Thank you—Dr. Jyoti Sha

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